Ready to get the word out there? Our team is standing by for organic social, performance marketing, PR, content and SEO/ ASO needs. Make sure your brand is seen (and found) when your users need it most.

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Organic Social

Identifying the most relevant channels for your audience and product is just the first step. We’ll dive in to create a full-fledged content plan to help you grow your organic social presence.

Performance Marketing

Amplify your message through Performance Marketing. Our channel experts create, execute, track, and optimize your digital campaigns to maximize your spend to drive purchases, leads, or clicks.

PR & Communications

Get the word out there with our PR & Communications team. We’ll provide a detailed strategy on formulating your public  image with the most relevant publications.


Create a successful SEO & ASO content strategy with the help of our team. We’ll take the reins to audit, evaluate, build the technical infrastructure and develop the keyword database to promote organic growth.

Content Marketing

Expand your content, from blogs and newsletters, to white papers and videos, with our team of copywriters, designers and editors.

Working with Winston Francois, a growth marketing firm, is an incredibly rewarding experience. Their team’s diverse expertise in areas like growth strategies, social media management, and lifecycle marketing has been instrumental in driving our success. The firm’s ability to seamlessly integrate their knowledge across these domains has not only enhanced our marketing efforts but also fostered a deeper understanding of our target audience. Their innovative approaches and commitment to staying ahead of market trends have significantly contributed to our business growth, making them an invaluable partner in our journey.

Dan Kessler


Working with Winston Francois was a rewarding experience for my company. We needed full-service marketing and growth support, and Jason and his team delivered. They addressed our needs from both a resourcing and strategic perspective – giving us the edge we needed.

Brandon Bauman


Jason and his team at WF have done a tremendous job in hitting set objectives in the most professional manner, building a complete marketing department and proper marketing processes from scratch. What is the most impressive thing about having Jason onboard, is that no task is too small or too challenging, and the ability to quickly analyse and set forth an execution plan together with an ad-hoc team of the best in the business is remarkable. Besides everything Jason is a true professional, a mentch, with the human empathy needed to go into tough situations, with a complex set of variables – and lead his clients to a winning position.

Yoav Burg


Winston Francois supported us with product design, lifecycle communications, data and analytics, growth experimentation and performance marketing. Their team is full of highly skilled experts that know their stuff across every growth function. And their deep health and wellness experience was a great fit for us.

Robbie Bent


Meet the team

Jason Shafton

Founder, Growth Practice Lead

Jason’s 20-year career spans both the startup and corporate worlds. His roles have driven him to build billion-dollar businesses at Google and Viacom and scale startups like Soothe and Headspace. Jason fell in love with helping companies grow and founded Winston Francois in 2019. He’s spent the last four years advising, consulting, and establishing the amazing team you see today.

Lucy Sutton

Director of Client Operations

Having sat in marketing roles at companies like Walgreens, Gap, Inc., and Uber as well as numerous seed-stage startups, Lucy’s decade of experience in both performance and brand marketing transcends organizational size, allowing her to bring a focused, yet well-rounded perspective to solving a brand’s greatest marketing challenges. Lucy’s main focus is helping brands scale their programs efficiently by ensuring that all interactions with the customer are authentic and meaningful.

Kevin Neifach

Digital Strategy Lead

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Kevin started his career in the agency world working alongside corporations including Clorox, Safeway, Shopify, and Yahoo. Specializing in digital strategy and paid media, Kevin spent the last 8 years in-house scaling marketing programs and increasing ROI in the Travel, Rideshare, and Fintech verticals. Currently he is dedicated to helping SaaS companies with demand generation, revops, and creating compelling content for go-to-market strategies.

Sarah Stinson

Content Strategist

With two decades of expertise, Sarah is a seasoned professional in content marketing, SEO, social media strategy, thought leadership, and brand building. Her passion lies in crafting compelling narratives that drive engagement, influence, and most importantly, results. She has contributed her expertise to companies like Kajabi and TurboTenant, as well as running a successful content marketing agency.

Jasper Lenz Radeke

Marketing Strategist

Jasper is a dynamic marketer with 12 years of B2B SaaS marketing experience. He’s led in-house marketing and pre-sales, product marketing, and creative teams. Most recently, at AI tech firm, Pixis, he was responsible for demand generation, field marketing, and events teams, and launched and managed the product marketing and operations functions. Previously, at AppsFlyer, he established the North America marketing wing, doubling the US market share and achieving a tenfold growth.

Cristina Poindexter

Product Marketing Strategist

Cristina is a strategist from a multi-faceted career spanning startup leadership, mental health ventures, and technology. She’s founded and led two early-stage, venture-backed mental health startups: Maslo, an empathetic AI company, and most recently Parable, a consumer brain health venture. Prior to 5 years in the founder trenches, Cristina earned a decade of experience managing product innovation and marketing teams at Headspace and Google, and a degree in Sociology from Yale.

Ada Weng

Growth Marketing Lead

Ada boasts a career spanning brand and performance marketing, and growth strategy planning. She excelled at companies like Uber and Expedia as well as numerous startups where she drove substantial user acquisition through various digital channels. Ada’s skills shine through her data-driven optimization and expertise in marketing measurement. Her achievements include building a global search automation platform, applying these insights to global marketing success.

Erica Dudash

Lifecycle Marketing Lead

With over 20 years experience, Erica is a seasoned expert in growth and lifecycle marketing. Leveraging analytics, market data, and consumer insights to craft customer journeys is her superpower. Erica brings experience from startups like Purple to multi-billion dollar brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. She developed programs to grow customer relationships expand customer bases across sectors from beauty and wellness to airlines and insurance.

Rula Tamimi

Project Manager

Rula is a Project Manager who ensures projects run on time and to our high standards. Rula started her career in Talent Acquisition helping scale teams for tech startups like Postmates, WeWork, and Compass she managed deadlines, coordination, and developing processes to help teams run smoothly. She thrives in a fast-paced environment and evolving goals that naturally led her to project management.

We take a custom approach to your growth goals by assembling and leading the best-in-class marketing team to support your next stage.