Hit your customer journey out of the park. From the moment they step on your site to conversion, we’ll make sure they feel supported at every key decision point.

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Whether you’re looking to spruce up some aspects of your site, need a copy refresh, or just to start from scratch – our team can handle it all. We’ll help you create the best virtual version of your brand.


Congrats, you’ve got an interested user! Keeping them engaged along the way is critical and can make or break their lifetime value. We’ll enable you with the right onboarding flow, whether that’s through email or in-app.


Let’s optimize your checkout process through multivariate and AB testing while keeping our eyes on the prize: maximizing your conversion rate and revenue.

Meet the team

Jason Shafton

Founder, Growth Practice Lead

Jason’s 20-year career spans both the startup and corporate worlds. His roles have driven him to build billion-dollar businesses at Google and Viacom and scale startups like Soothe and Headspace. Jason fell in love with helping companies grow and founded Winston Francois in 2019. He’s spent the last four years advising, consulting, and establishing the amazing team you see today.

Lucy Sutton

Director of Client Operations

Having sat in marketing roles at companies like Walgreens, Gap, Inc., and Uber as well as numerous seed-stage startups, Lucy’s decade of experience in both performance and brand marketing transcends organizational size, allowing her to bring a focused, yet well-rounded perspective to solving a brand’s greatest marketing challenges. Lucy’s main focus is helping brands scale their programs efficiently by ensuring that all interactions with the customer are authentic and meaningful.

Jasper Lenz Radeke

Marketing Strategist

Jasper is a dynamic marketer with 12 years of B2B SaaS marketing experience. He’s led in-house marketing and pre-sales, product marketing, and creative teams. Most recently, at AI tech firm, Pixis, he was responsible for demand generation, field marketing, and events teams, and launched and managed the product marketing and operations functions. Previously, at AppsFlyer, he established the North America marketing wing, doubling the US market share and achieving a tenfold growth.

Cristina Poindexter

Product Marketing Strategist

Cristina is a strategist from a multi-faceted career spanning startup leadership, mental health ventures, and technology. She’s founded and led two early-stage, venture-backed mental health startups: Maslo, an empathetic AI company, and most recently Parable, a consumer brain health venture. Prior to 5 years in the founder trenches, Cristina earned a decade of experience managing product innovation and marketing teams at Headspace and Google, and a degree in Sociology from Yale.

We take a custom approach to your growth goals by assembling and leading the best-in-class marketing team to support your next stage.