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Jason Shafton

Founder, Growth Practice Lead

Jason’s 20-year career spans both the startup and corporate worlds. His roles have driven him to build billion-dollar businesses at Google and Viacom and scale startups like Soothe and Headspace. Jason fell in love with helping companies grow and founded Winston Francois in 2019. He’s spent the last four years advising, consulting, and establishing the amazing team you see today.

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Caitlin Anderson

Growth Consultant

Cait is a performance focused marketer making spend more effective across acquisition channels. Her primary focus is on paid channels, web and product funnels. She refined the testing methodology to support growth marketing at Uber, where she built the marketing experimentation team that tested all new channels, creative iterations and web updates to achieve acquisition targets.

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Jonathan Singer

Brand & Experiential Executive

Jonathan empowers businesses to look deeply at how people are experiencing their brands. He unites the best of the physical and digital worlds into engaging new brand experiences that generate demand through Culture, Connection, and Conversation to grow Community and ultimately deliver omni-channel Commerce. He is all about producing innovative, cultural content, on clutter-cutting media platforms using game-changing production.

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Lisa Elia

Communications Expert

Lisa has spent more than 25 years preparing clients for speeches, media interviews, investor pitches, and other public appearances. She has prepared clients for interviews with Good Morning America, Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, TechCrunch, CNN, CNBC, NY Times, and hundreds of others. Lisa also provides crisis communication planning and training, and general communication training for executives, teams, and individuals.

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John Hancock

Growth & Automations Guy

John has built and sold startups for 10 years in every format from single-product DTC Ecomm to the kind that raises tens of millions of capital from the biggest VCs in silicon valley (a16z, Floodgate, Pioneer Fund, NEA, Matrix Partners, etc). A software engineer turned marketer, John now spends his time helping businesses go to market and scale efficiently with AI and Automation.

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Erica Dudash

VP Marketing

With over 20 years experience, Erica is a seasoned expert in growth and lifecycle marketing. Leveraging analytics, market data, and consumer insights to craft customer journeys is her superpower. Erica brings experience from startups like Purple to multi-billion dollar brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. She developed programs to grow customer relationships expand customer bases across sectors from beauty and wellness to airlines and insurance.

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Cheryl DeGrasse

Chief Marketing Officer

As a change agent for marketing organizations, Cheryl has a deep understanding of company goals and a keen ability to evaluate and optimize team setups for maximum efficiency and impact. Her extensive experience spans across customer touch points, including digital, traditional, and CRM channels within the consumer journey. This broad expertise allows her to develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies that drive engagement and growth.

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Sarah Stinson

Content Strategist

With two decades of expertise, Sarah is a seasoned professional in content marketing, SEO, social media strategy, thought leadership, and brand building. Her passion lies in crafting compelling narratives that drive engagement, influence, and most importantly, results. She has contributed her expertise to companies like Kajabi and TurboTenant, as well as running a successful content marketing agency.

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John Kennelly


John is a three-time Founder who has seen every peak and valley of the tech startup journey over the past 13 years. Having been part of successful acquisitions to Google and Apple while also growing a business to $15m ARR and later having to shut it down, he has faced just about every challenge one can face when looking to turn an idea into a fundable, scalable business. John is currently helps founders tell their story via a wide array of Go-To-Market Strategy consulting services.

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Lucy Sutton

Marketing Strategist

Having sat in marketing roles at companies like Walgreens, Gap, Inc., and Uber as well as numerous seed-stage startups, Lucy’s decade of experience in both performance and brand marketing transcends organizational size, allowing her to bring a focused, yet well-rounded perspective to solving a brand’s greatest marketing challenges. Lucy’s main focus is helping brands scale their programs efficiently by ensuring that all interactions with the customer are authentic and meaningful.

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Jasper Lenz Radeke

Marketing Strategist

Jasper is a dynamic marketer with 12 years of B2B SaaS marketing experience. He’s led in-house marketing and pre-sales, product marketing, and creative teams. Most recently, at AI tech firm, Pixis, he was responsible for demand generation, field marketing, and events teams, and launched and managed the product marketing and operations functions. Previously, at AppsFlyer, he established the North America marketing wing, doubling the US market share and achieving a tenfold growth.

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Kathy Tong

Growth Product Manager

Kath passionate about all things experimentation – particularly in identifying strategies to grow customer acquisition, user experiences, and create systems that scale. As a founding Product and Marketing Lead at Daylight Labs, Kath spearheaded the launch and rapid growth of BrieflyAI, an early mover in the AI-enabled SaaS space. At Uber, she managed product optimization and new initiatives, significantly lifting user engagement, acquiring new users, and launching a variety of products.

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Eric Kaufmann

Go-to-Market Strategist

Eric is a results-oriented go-to-market leader who has a passion for building and providing the connective tissue between product and go-to-market. His diverse functional background, combining technical and sales experience allow him to deliver effective programs across product, sales, and marketing. Eric has a track record of developing commercialization strategies that meet the stage of the business, whether it’s Google, a growth startup, or one still validating product-market-fit.

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Ashley Brush Tomcik

Product Manager

Ashley Brush Tomcik is a seasoned Senior Product Strategist with over a decade of experience in ecommerce and digital marketing. She has a proven track record of delivering high-value features and excels in crafting and communicating cohesive product and marketing strategies. Ashley’s expertise lies in enabling business and technology teams to execute integrated strategies, ensuring alignment with key objectives.

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Kevin Neifach

Digital Strategy Lead

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Kevin started his career in the agency world working alongside corporations including Clorox, Safeway, Shopify, and Yahoo. Specializing in digital strategy and paid media, Kevin spent the last 8 years in-house scaling marketing programs and increasing ROI in the Travel, Rideshare, and Fintech verticals. Currently he is dedicated to helping SaaS companies with demand generation, revops, and creating compelling content for go-to-market strategies.

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Ada Weng

Growth Marketing Lead

Ada boasts a career spanning brand and performance marketing, and growth strategy planning. She excelled at companies like Uber and Expedia as well as numerous startups where she drove substantial user acquisition through various digital channels. Ada’s skills shine through her data-driven optimization and expertise in marketing measurement. Her achievements include building a global search automation platform, applying these insights to global marketing success.

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Sam Allen

Revenue Operations

With a decade of experience driving revenue growth, Sam is a trusted advisor who guides companies to align their sales, marketing, and customer success. His technical expertise in marketing automation, CRM optimization, data-driven decision making, and tailored customer journey has helped several clients build scalable systems to capture and convert high-value leads.

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Nicole Cassese

Senior Copywriter

Over the past 14+ years, Nicole has collaborated with creative agencies and clients ranging from Amazon to Netflix. Working in tech, entertainment, retail, health & wellness, and fintech, she’s helped shape foundational brand messaging, campaigns, strategy, and voice — from concept to execution.

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Brian Swichkow

Growth Engineer

Fractional CMO to startups between Seed and Series B, known widely as a Reddit marketing expert. Brian has provided growth consulting and support to 200+ startups; educated 3,000+ marketers on how to growth hack with communities like Reddit and Product Hunt; created products and technologies like,, and; and built multiple self-sustaining communities.

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Kira Reed

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Kira is an illustrator and graphic designer who loves to create joyful experiences for brands. Her design career began on the marketing team at Uber and she is now working with clients in the health and wellness, product, and tech space, as well as brick and mortar businesses. From custom illustrations to print and digital marketing assets—Kira delivers work that is on brand & highly personalized to each client.

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